Wine and Sprits Bottler Ė Major System Conversion Reduced Costs Drastically

In 1994 a major Wine and Sprits Bottler, one of Long Islandís largest privately held companies, needed assistance in reducing costs by transferring its complex processing system from an expensive and outdated mainframe to a more efficient and more responsive platform.

Programming the transition was complicated by the many regulatory reporting requirements imposed on the Wine and Spirits Industry.

After evaluating several vendors, the firm selected Woodbury Systems Group, to assist them with the successful conversion to the ACCPAC Professional Series Accounting system. The project was completed within budget, and ahead of scheduled, and has run ceaselessly since then.

The firm has since relied exclusively on Woodbury Systems Group for all of its processing needs.

Gourmet Food Purveyor- Improving Market Share by Forecasting Ingredient Demand

A purveyor of premium quality meals to high end retail food markets needed assistance in improving its market share by designing and implementing a system which would accurately forecast the ingredients that would be required to meet the rapidly changing tastes of modern families.

Woodbury Systems Groupís sophisticated analysis and forecasting systems have enabled the firmís managers to anticipate market demands and to have on hand the ingredients required to meet them as they occur, thereby increasing market share.

The system seamlessly integrates the firmís unique requirements with the robust order and inventory processing of ACCPACís Professional Series Accounting System.

High Volume Web Press Printer- Increasing Sales with Instant Estimating

When one of the eastís largest web press printers needed a system which allowed sales people located around the country to beat the competition to the punch by providing on the spot quotations for complex custom printing projects, the firm asked Woodbury Systems Groupís engineers to design a system which provide the customer with a quote in less than 5 minutes.

Since installing the system more than 10 years ago, the firm has had to more than quadruple its plant capacity to meet the increased demand, and sales have more than quadrupled.

During that period Woodbury Systems Group has provided custom tailored solutions to fill all of the firmís complex automation requirements including Job Costing, Scheduling, Commission Processing, Paper Inventory, and Accounting.

When the company recently acquired a Direct Mail Processing company to supplement its printing capabilities, it turned to Woodbury Systems Group to create an estimating system for that business, and to automate all aspects of Postage Inventory management, including automatic generation of all Postal Forms.

Flavor Manufacturer- Improving Customer Service by Rapid Formula Execution 

A Long Island based manufacturer of specialty flavors wanted to increase market share by offering top quality response to customer orders for products composed of its highly secret proprietary flavor formulations.

The firmís laboratory professionals joined with Woodbury Systems Groupís engineers to design and implement a custom processing systems including Sample Processing, Quality Control, Lot-based warehouse Inventory tracking and Job Costing. 

All of these custom applications were seamlessly added to ACCPACís Professional Series Accounting System modules.

Most recently, the client found that the complexity of federal, state and local shipping documentation requirements were bogging down outgoing orders and were overwhelming warehouse personnel. 

The selection of the placards and bill of lading notations required by various jurisdictions for the shipment of perishable commodities combined with temperature control requirements were all combined into an expert processing system which automatically prints appropriate documentation and shipping instructions for each order. Order shipping time has been reduced by hours, and documentation violations have been eliminated completely.

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